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Once Rivals, Redfin and Zillow Partner To Make New Home Sales Seamless

September 30, 2023

Located in the beautiful Texas Hill Country, Butler Farms is a master-planned community that’s the kind of place any family would be proud to call home. At Butler Farms, quality of life is understood. It’s in an ideal location for enjoying everything that’s happening in Austin, or residents can choose to stay close to home, where there are daily opportunities to enjoy resort-style amenities with families and friends. 

An Exciting Partnership Announced

Now more than ever, families are considering building their new home, rather than buying an existing home. The housing market is squeezed, and available homes disappear quickly. Because of the limited inventory of homes, two highly respected real estate research and listing companies – Redfin and Zillow – have forged a partnership to link buyers to new construction home builders in desirable communities like Butler Farms. 

Homebuyers have several considerations when home shopping – be it for an existing home or for those just breaking ground. And this new partnership was designed to make this process seamless.

Home builders can use this service to showcase floor plans, finishes, and add-in space requirements such as a home office. They can opt for energy efficiency that will pay dividends for clients in the future and build smart technology for convenience and security. Construction professionals have worked at length to streamline and simplify the home-building process for their clients. 

For buyers of existing homes, the same is true. The information is already posted and comes up by typing in keywords. Redfin features a 10-step primer on how to buy a house. Considerations listed include determining affordability, pre-approval, and of course, online searching for just the right home for you. 

A Professional Collaboration 

If you search Zillow listings on its standout real estate platform, Butler Farms is prominently showcased. The site has the “schedule a tour” function and links online viewers to the Meritage Builders website.  Home designs show visitors photos of what’s possible –like the Americana Home Collection, as well as other design/material options. Not coincidentally, if real estate buyers click on the Redfin website – another standout real estate platform -the same linking/scheduling function is available there. 

The strategic partnership formed between these two platforms is highly advantageous to families searching for a new home. It’s a “virtual try before you buy.” For 47% of recent buyers, the first step that they took in the home-buying process was to look online at properties for sale, while only 18% of buyers first contacted a real estate agent. 

Great Reasons to Buy in Butler Farms Today

Education is a top consideration for new home buyers. Both Zillow and Redfin post information from the GreatSchools.org summary rating. Residents of Butler Farms are served by some of the best schools in the Southwest.  Liberty Hill Independent School District is a 5A district located entirely within western Williamson County, one of the fastest-growing counties in the state. Incidentally, a growth in population is often tied to an uptick in school funding and more services.

Mass transit saves time and energy. Park the car and take the train instead. CapMetro serves the residents of Butler Farm who commute to work in Austin or those on a day trip who’d prefer to relax and ride. Instead of fighting traffic, riders can catch up on emails, conference with home or work, or simply look out the window and watch the world go by. CapMetro stands out because it’s convenient and residents have transportation options. 

Better Together

Zillow and Redfin chose to collaborate after coming to the realization that their strategic partnership benefits their customers and their bottom line. These stand-out similar platforms concluded that they’re no longer competing on the individual level. The competition had shifted to one based on a supply-chain level. It’s a fact that owners are holding on to their houses longer and selling later, as the increase in Baby Boomer home sales suggests. 

What makes this platform collaboration even more beneficial for home buyers is the spotlight they’re now shining on building a new home in desirable master-planned communities like Butler Farms. When existing homes become less available, building a home becomes more plausible, and more attractive. It’s not surprising that similar platform collaborations are now looked on more favorably, particularly when they provide buyers with the choice to build in a prime location.

Searching for a New Home Is Easier

Searching for a new home can become an ordeal. What might be listed one day could have a deal being inked the next. That’s why a link between platforms helps buyers to stay in the loop. Platforms even have a step-by-step function that lets prospective buyers start an offer. The number of possibilities available, the emphasis on information sharing, and the ultimate convenience of having options include the prospective homeowner as an integral part of a strategic collaboration. Buyers become part of the team.

There are multiple ways to get a look at one of the hottest master-planned communities in Texas – Butler Farms. The best way is to click here to schedule a tour of this charming community, or hop on Zillow or Redfin, either one works, and schedule a tour of Butler Farms in person.